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Biological Agriculture Specialists





Growth Express Ltd are a specialist sales, application and on-farm consulting company helping farmers and horticulturists for the past 10 years to achieve greater results through biological agriculture and horticulture methods and products than they ever thought possible with traditional fertilisers and methods.

We have the ability to guide our clients towards greater results!
Why, you may ask? Because we have over 40 years experience in farming and developing a sound biological agriculture knowledge base and philosophy, together with a range of over 60 premier biological agriculture products including top quality seaweed fertilisers, humates (solid and liquid), and fine lime products, drenches.

Our emphasis is on feeding and nurturing the biology, producing energy and nutrition, stimulating life at all levels starting with the microbiology. We provide on-farm soil testing and work together with both Hills Laboratories Consultant John Turner and NZ Soil Foodweb Lab Director Cherrylle Prew to analyse both the soil and the biology. Minerals and life/activity. Creating environments which are suitable for maximising growth and nutritional potential.

We at Growth Express see again and again the results of applying highly plant available biological fertilisers, humates and fine limes which enhance root and micorryzal growth and thereby water and nutrient uptake, release locked up nutrients and trace elements, and provide greater nutrition, energy and balance which in turn produce an environment in which agricultural pasture and crops and horticulture can flourish.

A living, vital, energetic well feed microbiology will keep on providing nutrients to living plants long after it is applied. A little and often is best. Our satisfied regular customers range from large dairy, sheep & cattle, drystock, horse, alpaca farms, cropping, forestry, kiwifruit, avocado and other horticulture through to small lifestyle blocks. We pride ourselves on excellent personal service. We provide logical, cost effective, workable solutions. We will tell you why we are recommending. We will listen to you. We can where appropriate help with delivery, application and monitoring.

Application choices include:
  • Helicopter arranged,
  • Lime slurry trucks come with spraying equipment,
  • Small truck spraying service,
  • Hire EziSpray trailers available, or
  • EziSpray trailers available for sale.


Liquid and Solid Fertilisers, Humates, Fine Limes & Traces Growth Express have been working together with farmers and orchardists for the past 10 years, as the world is learning more and more about:
  • feeding microbiology, balancing nutrients, encouraging root development for greater uptake
  • utilising seaweeds to provide nutrients, carbohydrates, and encourage the plant`s natural immune system
  • fish for protein and carbohydrates (vital energy for growth)
  • Humates to provide soil structure, humus, microbial food, higher production



This is just one of the combinations which delighted farmers are enjoying the benefits of - making a real difference to their dairy, dry stock and deer farms this season. Lime Slurry comes in 20ha + 20ha loads and is quoted on the ground. No hassle. The tankers just drive up with spray trucks in convoy and it is all done for you. (Deer velvet really responds to this amount of available calcium!) See "Products" section for more information.

How does it work?
Its quite simple really. AVAILABLE CALCIUM , ENERGY & TRACES are a large part of the magic formula.

Energy In A Balanced Formula - With Traces & NPKS
Fish and seaweed are some of the oldest energy fertilisers known to mankind. They are completely natural , so cannot harm biology, stock or people.

Base Saturation Calcium should be over 60 or NO fertiliser will work to capacity. Lime is measured by its ability to neutralise - in this case the soil. There is conclusive evidence to prove that fine lime will neutralise much quicker, much more efficiently and more effectively, with lesser amounts or product, than larger particle bulk lime. We are talking about less than 90 microns, as these have greater particle surface area than the same amount of lime in larger particles. The smaller the particle size, the less lime you require for the same effect. It follows then that fine lime gives the highest neutralising effect per dollar spent. All our products work to promote the microbiology in the soil. In other words, they dont destroy it but allow worms to multiply, giving energy to uplift those important nutrients like phosphate and calcium that are locked up in the soil. The exciting thing about using biological suspension fertilisers and fine limes is that the more you use them the better your soil becomes.

We literally create a soil environment that thrives!

Another benefit of this natural holistic approach is there is no run-off or leaching.

Who can benefit from these natural, biological, sprayable lime and fertiliser products?
Pasture farms, (sheep, cattle, deer, horses, alpacas) dairy farms, horticulturists, vineyards, orchards, market gardens to name but a few industries are all benefiting from our products.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Hillsides and flats are producing more nutritious pasture and more hay.
  • Dairy farmers report fewer empty cows.
  • Maize has been proved to have more rows of kernels.
  • New grass roots are deeper so the withstand the stress and droughts better.
  • Facial eczema in alpacas is being controlled with liquid lime and seaweed.
  • Fertiliser and fine lime being sprayed under avocado trees is helping develop better trees and fruit. Hay paddocks are yielding more bales as grass thickens.
  • Award winning wines have been produced.
  • Kiwifruit has moved into the lucrative Y category.
  • Plants, trees and vines are producing better crops, better tasting fruit, better shape and size.

Tried & True
Growth Express Ltd have been advising farmers and horticulturists since 1992, and one of our main product ranges is the large Agrifert range of biological products. Seaweed, lime, fish, humates, traces, lime slurry etc, Biological solutions which are older than man. Another great range is the NZ Humates range. We want to see you excel and succeed, and know that we can help you do this by providing natural, biological, sprayable lime and fertiliser products which feed and promote microbial activity, allowing more oxygen to permeate your soil and therefore cause it to perform better. To gain a better understanding of all of Growth Express` products, how they should be applied, and in what circumstances they will work best .

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